Osmanthus Americanus

by Devilwood

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Cory vander Sluys
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Cory vander Sluys Most certainly had my ass kicked. Keep it up guys!
Erkka Lehmus
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Erkka Lehmus I like the way this album whispers echoes of the age-old folk tradition. A modern listener gets his ass kicked, as here is some raw untamed power. Favorite track: Brocken Bride.
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Debut album, electronically released December 22nd, 2012.


released March 20, 2013

Recorded, Produced and Mixed by Kyle Bane.



all rights reserved


Devilwood Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Cursed Hill
I live on the outside of town
Nobody ever comes around
I live in a house up on a hill
On the wind the dead low tide
It's a rich and rotten Autumn chill

My world is blue, I'm all alone
And when the moon climbs up in the sky
My house turns the color of bone
Around my town is a wall of stone
And I'm the only one with a window high enough to know

I'm a slave to the things I keep to myself
I can't tell no one else
Because the things I see aren't meant to be

You're just a stranger in this town
You'll never understand why life has got me down
I warned you do not come around
There's only madness to be found

It looks like a black and bottomless well
It's bubblin' forth, all buckin' and brayin' with the beasts of a burnin' hell
This statement is my final will
Your mind will ruin you if you're living on top of a cursed hill
Track Name: Brocken Bride
Sunset burns on the Brocken high
Walpurgisnacht is nigh
Burning a witch on the mountainside
She was a love of mine
Hell's yellow and red lick her virgin thighs
Avert my saxon eyes
Blood hungry mob bleeds the winter dry
I let my lover die

Black column of stroke crosses Odin's eye
Evokes the thunder strike
Scattering ash on the world below
I carry on alone

Love will make you turn a blind eye
To the demons alive in her mind
And the cloven hoof is too unbelievable
It just can't be true
And my love's not enough so I cry
It's not enough to save my Brocken bride
And the cloven hoof is too unbelievable
It just can't be true

Sunrise comes to the Brocken high
But dawn is death in disguise
We burned a witch on the mountainside
She was a love of mine...